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New MoonGames Casino Celebrates Success with More Bonus Incentives

Posted by Robert Dowling on July 17, 2013 at 8:05 PM

United Bingo’s new online slots casino has increased their trademark bonus incentives, following a successful site launch.


The “Space-Vegas casino” has thus far seen an impressive conversion rate since it was launched in February 2013. New features, games and bonus rewards are continually being added to the site, which has received enormous positive feedback from instant game players and affiliates alike.


Moon Games has gained popularity for their innovative bonus incentives, including a £1,500 welcome package and a unique “spin the wheel” bonus game which treats players to guaranteed bonuses of up to 1,000%.


Players can also earn bonus chips just for playing slots and instant games, and the Reward Booster feature gives players free bonus codes, bonus chips and other prizes as they progress through the site.


“The bonus program featured on Moon Games is unique, as we strive to offer attractive bonus incentives for our players not found on other online casinos,” said United Bingo CEO Adi Frum. “We hope that by continually adding new bonuses and site features, Moon Games will continue making steady progress as a leading casino site to watch.”


Bonus incentives figure heavily in the galaxy-themed site’s July promotions, which include a VIP membership raffle, free weekly bonus codes, and free spins on the guaranteed bonus wheel.


Moon Games has also just released their mobile platform, allowing players to enjoy their favourite instant games on-the-go.



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